The Isthera Agenda package facilitates the booking of appointments linked to your customer files and your inventory.

Isthera Agenda allows you to configure your business opening hours schedule with the schedule of your employees. To make appointments for your customers with confirmation of appointments via SMS. Get all appointment times organized by employee, cost of services, confirmed and unconfirmed appointments.

Option to Add Digital Customer Files

Health Check-ups

Consent Form

Treatment Monitoring  follow up


Photo Consent Form

Advice Sheets

The Isthera agenda package is specially adapted for the following businesses

Hair Salons (first service – break – second service)

Beauty Salons and Aesthetic Centers

Massage Therapy

Professional services

Room or Event Rentals

What you can do with Isthera Agenda

Appointment Management

Isthera Agenda allows you to configure the status of your appointments and to schedule an appointment as soon as the client’s file has been opened. The creation of an appointment immediately generates a client file in Isthera and appointment services

Confirmation System

Automatically send appointment reminders via SMS. Depending on the client’s response, the appointment will be automatically confirmed and will be directed to the confirmed section. Otherwise, it remains in the unconfirmed division.

Several Levels of Services

You can create services with two levels of integrated sub-services of your business and then configure the schedule for each of your advisers.

Ideal for a hair salons.

Service Management

You manage the number of services sold in your product inventory. The system allows you to invoice the correct services corresponding to the appointments and to archive them in the client’s file for later consultation.


Schedule Management

With Isthera Agenda you can configure the schedule of your opening hours and the availability of your services.


Reports organized per advisor allow you to print confirmed and unconfirmed appointments.

Sell Online with Isthera Web

Your fully integrated web sales will be directly integrated into your daily report or into a separate company.

Isthera Agenda Solutions

Isthera ensemble complet


Matériel Isthera

Module complet de gestion de rendez-vous et de réservation.




Module complet de gestion de rendez-vous et de réservation.